Canum Moves to New Office in Fredericton

With the company expanding daily, Canum relocated to a new building on the University of New Brunswick’s Fredericton campus. On June 3rd, the staff embarked on the first stage of an important move that established the company’s new head office. The offices were chosen to facilitate its collaborative relationship with the University and the team is excited to establish its roots in the same grounds that brought them together.


Early founders of the company and UNB alumni, Alex Clarkin and Francois Michaud, also joined the Canum team full-time in the new Fredericton office. Alex has a diverse background working in automative manufacturing and in the petroleum industry as a process engineer. His efforts will be focused on exploring potential product applications and partnerships. Francois has been working in the pulp & paper industry in Alberta and recently returned to New Brunswick. His efforts are focused on the design and continuous improvement of Canum’s facility.

Both members are excited to be back in Fredericton to work closely with their business partners from New Brunswick and continue growing the company. 

Kyle Woods