The Future of Fullerene Production

Fullerenes & Canum Nanomaterials Inc.

In 1985, a previously unknown allotrope of carbon was discovered. These molecules, called fullerenes, are composed of carbon atoms arranged into hollow, cage-like structures. This discovery intrigued the scientific community and earned Richard Smalley, Sir Harold Kroto, and Robert Curl Jr. the 1996 nobel prize in chemistry.

Scientists realized that fullerenes form naturally in places where carbon is reacting under high temperatures (ex. candle soot, forest fires). In fact, researchers realized that any place hot enough to create carbon vapor can spontaneously form fullerenes - even stars.

Y Canum Venaticorum, the inspiration for our name, is one of the brightest and reddest stars in the night sky. This star, commonly known as La Superba, is a highly rare red-giant known for having an abundant amount of carbon (and fullerenes) in its atmosphere.

La_Superba (Greg Parker, NASA).jpg

The Founding Team


President & CEO

Kyle Woods

Kyle has diverse experience ranging from mechanical engineering consulting in the construction industry to quality assurance and process engineering in the pulp & paper industry. His broad interests and abilities have proven to be a valuable asset as he manages Canum Nanomaterials.


Chief Operating Officer

Alex Clarkin

Alex has experience working for an automotive parts manufacturer in southern Germany and in the petroleum industry. He has a special interest in the various market applications of fullerenes and is focusing his efforts on exploring potential product applications and partnerships.


Chief Technical Officer

Francois Michaud

Francois began his engineering career in the pulp & paper industry. He has an affinity for the technical-side of chemical processes and has experience in process troubleshooting, safety, and project management. His efforts are focused on the design and continuous improvement of Canum’s facility.


Chief Financial Officer

Jayson Brown

Jayson, an accounting graduate from the University of New Brunswick, has a wealth of experience working for one of Canada’s top public accounting firms. His ability to effectively communicate, manage complex problems, and build relationships has made him a valuable asset for Canum.


Director of Research

Dr. L.P. Felipe Chibante

Felipe is the Richard J. Currie Chair in Nanotechnology at the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton. His fullerene career began when he was a student at Rice University where he worked with Dr. Smalley and the team who discovered fullerenes. Since then, his life’s work has been nanotechnology research.

Felipe is a founding member of Canum Nanomaterials and serves as the company’s lead researcher. He also sits on the company’s board of directors and provides strategic input on key technical decisions.

Canum’s Advisory Team


David Wagner – Business Growth

David has built a career as a leader in every role he has occupied over the last 40 years. He has held senior management positions in large corporate organizations and has also provided leadership in the startup ICT and energy sectors.  In every role, he has grown the organization successfully by listening to his customer and using his can-do attitude and drive to find a “win/win” solution acceptable to all.


Dr. David Foord – Strategic Planning

David has diverse experience working as the Director of Intellectual Property at the University of New Brunswick, the Chief Operating Officer of Atlantic Hydrogen, and more recently as an Assistant Professor at UNB. David became involved with Canum’s founding team in 2017 where he brought his knowledge of the carbon black industry to assist the team with a variety of projects.


Mac Fraser – Technical Advising

From his academic experience as a graduate from Western’s Ivey School of Business to his technical experience in the mining and mineral industries and as the former Chief Technology Officer of Atlantic Hydrogen, Mac has a wealth of knowledge to bring to the table. With his strong technical background and special interest in start-up companies, Mac was a strong addition to the advisory team as of fall 2018.


Dr. Guida Bendrich – Process Designing

Guida is a chemical engineering professor and the Director of Engineering and Science Co-op Education at the University of New Brunswick. Guida has a wealth of industry experience, especially in the carbon black industry, which she has leveraged to provide insight and guidance to the technical design team.