The Future of Fullerene Production

The Future of FULLERENE Production


Canum Nanomaterials Inc. is a carbon nanomaterials manufacturing company based in Atlantic Canada. We produce high-quality fullerenes for distribution to manufacturers and researchers across the globe.



The Canum Advantage

At the heart of Canum’s company is a cutting-edge manufacturing technology developed in partnership with the University of New Brunswick. This production process allows for the environmentally-friendly synthesis of high quality fullerenes.

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environmentally friendly

Canum can proudly say that our production process is inherently clean. While competing technologies struggle with greenhouse gas emissions and other harmful by-products, customers can rest assured knowing that their fullerenes were produced in an environmentally friendly fashion.

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Considering the wide range of consumer applications that fullerenes are used in, product quality is of utmost importance. Canum’s feedstock is nothing more than high purity carbon, leading to a high quality, reliable, and safe fullerene product.

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The widespread benefits and potential applications of fullerenes have excited researchers for decades, but it is now time for fullerenes to have an impact on a larger scale. Canum’s proprietary technology is making fullerenes an affordable and accessible material for manufacturers everywhere.